Millennium se Consolida como Gestor Energético

Millennium Energy Systems signs an agreement with Soler Hotel from Manresa, Barcelona, to be his customized Energy Manager.

After do a full energy audit and a improvements action plan, begins a way with a clear objective addressed to good practices, achieve more saving, better energy efficiency and CO2 emissions reduction optimal for the establishment, without comfort refuse.

Millennium_Gestor_Energetic The projects includes a management system which will optimize the current consumptions methodology, thermal isolation systems which will reduce the CO2 emissions at the same time the cost reduction, will be installed a lighting control system avoiding unnecessary wastes…

The application of these improvements will affect in a rise of Soler Hotel energy, helped by a grant with the grants from Ministry in the PIMASOL Plan.

With these actions Millennium Energy Systems achieves:

  • Reduction up to 40% in lighting system consumption.
  • Reduction up to 20% in cold rooms consumption.
  • Reduction up to 30% in climate system consumption.
  • Reduction up to 15% in CO2 emissions to atmosphere.

  • All these measures suppose an important added value, as well as competitive advantage.